Premiere: Henry Greenleaf – Stam


The sunlight filtering through the willow tree leaves a mismatched shadow on my wrist, wobbling in tune to the hums of the sun’s sultry song. I pull my arm into the sky, as if controlled by some external force, and watch the air above me conglomerate into a messy farrago of muddy fog left over from the morning dew and perfumed sweat, smelling like rotten oranges or putrid pomegranates. The scents interlock and tango over sky ownership: a miasma of dawn musk. 

Bristol-based producer Henry Greenleaf rises from the ashes of isolation with dub-infused rave track “Stam” pulled from his recent EP Taking First, set for release on London’s Par Avion. The 5-track EP, which features a remix from Cando, is an exercise in pushing the already ill-defined boundaries of experimental and post-dubstep music. “Stam” itself explores more ambient and aleatorical sounds brimming with haunted synth-lines and acid artefacts, unleashing an unearthly and eerie spirit that contains the desperation of the last year.