Premiere: Heidenreich feat. ANGST vor GRETA – Je Palpite


In the corner of the room the strange creature writhed and convulsed in its cage, its breathing becoming louder and harsher as its captors approached. Day in day out they performed tests; injecting this anonymous beast with crazy medicines and concoctions until its chest throbbed and it cried out in pain. What they would gain from these clinical trials was unknown, but they had no plans to grant this creature its freedom anytime soon.

The work of Amsterdam’s Sinchi Collective encompasses more than just music. Since launching, the platform, label and charitable foundation have continued their ethos and pledge to support indigenous peoples and preserve unique cultures around the world through sonic delights. Having previously been home to releases from Curses, Roe Deers, Khidja and more, next up in their schedule is an instalment from one half of Leggings AKA Heidenreich who made his debut on the label earlier this year with Altered States Vol 2. This time he’s joined by the provocative French purrs of industrial-minded artist ANGST vor GRETA for ‘Je Palpite’, a twisted, seductive 9-minute opus that gets the remix treatment from Robert Johnson’s Chinaski and Calypso Records head honcho Thomass Jackson.