Premiere: HeartWerk – Hopefully On A Beach By Noon


Driving in the glow of the morning sun he watched as the birds flew atop the cliffs in the distance, soaring through the deep blue into a new day. His sun roof was down as he cruised along the freeway and flicked between channels on the radio. The car was old and battered but he didn’t care, why would he when everything else was like paradise. He would hopefully be on a beach by noon, watching as the waves rippled and crashed against the rocks and shore. Life was good…

HeartWerk features on a new compilation from Low Recordings, a fun filled house and 4/4 based affair set to bump clubs and delight dancefloors all over. The release is full of magic and fun tracks but this was our favourite and perhaps when we chose it we were dreaming of the sunshine. 

Listen below: