Premiere: Healing Force Project – Dedicated To Cosmic Diaspora


All of his life had been spent wandering between wormholes, circling in the dark looking for a way out. It was as if he was some sort of lost time traveller caught in a deep, dusty black hole that had swallowed him many moons ago. It had never yet found the grace to spit him back out into outer space and the constellations beyond. Some days he felt as if he was losing his mind, caught up in some sort of strange madness and unthinkable chaos. Much of his time was dedicated to cosmic diaspora, that seemed to be about the most of him these days. 

Healing Force Project is a producer with whom we have become fascinated with in recent months. A singular experimentalist with a penchant for jazz and electronics, his sound is as varied and odd as can be and leaves us with as many questions as it does answers. His new EP for Lifeforms continues his oddball trajectory in fine style. 

Listen below: