Premiere: Harry Parsons – Love Flow


The stream gently bubbled in the light of the morning sun. The water trickled softly down the mountain face towards the rock pool below, a love flowing upon a distant wave. As they gathered at the foot of the cliff they looked up to the sky above, enchanted and mesmerised by the glimmering reflection of the water's glow. White mist lay softly amidst the campsite, soon they would begin the next part of their glorious trek towards the head of the hill. 

Shadow City are set to kickstart their record label with a three track release purpose built for basements and festivals alike. With the EP having already been supported by the likes of Denis Sulta, Midland, Dan Shake and more this one is bound to be big. Listen to "Love Flow" below: 

Buy the release HERE. Artwork courtesy of Muck.

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