Premiere: Hamatsuki – Rett (Dj Sports Remix)


The park sat nestled between tall buildings, it was one of the few open spaces left within the vast city. So much had changed in this town, too many faces had came and gone before being replaced by the stale grey concrete and the towering skyscrapers. Cranes hung iverhead like vultures waiting to pick apart the piece of the city on the floor below. Sat upon a park bench he watched as all of this unfolded, he took a deep sigh and exhaled a breath of fresh air. Soon it would all be gone…

Hamatsuki is the second artist to appear on the Glaswegian label Sensu. Formed from the roots of the Sub Club based party of the same name the label has promised that these tracks are tried and tested on the floor – oh and it comes with a remix from Dj Sports. Listen below: 

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