Premiere: Haedong Seoungguk – Daegeum Dosa (D.K. Huru Mix)


The man traced his pen on the page. Back and forth, back and forth; with each line he added more force. No words were coming to him, his mind was completely blank. Lately, his dreams had become hazy, forgettable and no longer worth documenting. Before he dreamt of the strangest things; nonsensical happenings and imagined pursuits that felt so vividly real. At times the dreams entertained him and left him feeling hopeful, at other times they terrified him and thrust his darkest thoughts to the fore. But bad dreams were better than none at all, he enjoyed these hypnotic nightly rituals…

The traditional and the contemporary meet on the latest 12" from South Korean label Tonal Unity. Continuing the label's appreciation of organic and meditative sounds, experimental percussionist Haedong has enlisted some of Seoul's most talented musicians to explore early music and ritual ceremony over two original tracks, while on the flip Antinote regular D.K.provides two hypnotic reinterpretations for the dance floor.