Premiere: Guxi – Dribbling Disco (Brioski Bonus Beat)


A huge discoball swung from the ceiling, glittering as it hung loosely on a single thread. The dance floor below it strewn with the remains of a debauched night under the veil of the night. The party had been over for a long time now and the space was silent, eerie almost. It was hard to imagine it had been crowded with swaying bodies only a day before, hypnotised by chaotic rhythms and flashing lights. It's funny how a place can change in the stark light of day…

Fabrizio Mammarella and Franz Scala's Slow Motion Records are back with the third volume of their Dimensione series, a V/A compilation that pays homage to Italo that wouldn't be out of place on a movie soundtrack. All the tracks have previously been individually released except today's premiere from Roman producer Guxi, which marks his debut to the label, and gets the bonus beat treatment from old label companion Brioski.

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