Premiere: Guillaume Des Bois – Burning Time (Edit)


The clock seemed as if it hadn't moved for a long, long spell. Sat in the eerie emptiness of a cafe amidst the back streets he began to wonder if he was being stood up. His date was to be late, she'd warned him of that but he hadn't banked on burning as much time as he had sat staring into space. The red lights behind the brasserie flickered and whirred, it was an old spot, the type you might have admired romantically in an old film. Those days were long gone now, what was left was a deadbeat diner, a flashy glimpse into what had come before… Style and many substances…

Guillaume Des Bois features on a new EP set for release on Ear Clip Series, a newly launched label with smart taste. The EP is made up of well constructed edits, reworks and magic. One for the moody dancers amidst the dark and dreamy crowds. Listen below: