Premiere: Guava & Breaka – The Dolphins are Back in Venice


The wheels had slowly stopped turning; the whole world had shut down. What marked danger for humanity, wielded freedom for nature — now plant and wildlife could thrive in places that had once been impossible. Some travelled to the glistening waters of the canals, while others took to the sky in search of new climes to mate. It’s amazing what can happen when the power’s switched off for just a moment…

Two years ago Berlin-based producer and musician Guava took care of the second release for London’s Control Freak Recordings, and now he’s returning for his second EP, ‘The Dolphins are Back in Venice’, but this time he’s bringing a few friends along with him for the ride. Fellow producers LUXE and Breaka join for two of the four tracks, all of which showcase Guava’s dexterity at merging digital and analog practices. Coming via the label’s hand-stamped white label series, the release matches syncopated rhythms and weighty low end with self-sampled guitar licks and playful melodies.