Premiere: Greg Sawyer – A Fading Glance (Falk Records)


Even the most subtle of glances can carry so much emotion, the briefest split-second can be all it takes for you to convey the most powerful of rages, desires or ambivalences. Our eyes are without any shadow of a doubt the quickest ways to see what is truly going on in our souls and they can say far more in an instant than our mouths can say in hours of babbling.

Greg Sawyer knows where the true power is and he rightfully has instilled his faith in 'A Fading Glance' as that's all you need to get right to the very crux of the matter. It also happens to be one hell of a good record and he's able to capture all our hearts with this absolute beauty. Maybe if you just close your ears, your ears can do the talking for a change. Open those eyes once more and it can change the world. Dive in;

Whenever is out on 26th October via Falk.