Premiere: Grand Riviera – Motel Casablanca


From a distance the coastline sparkled; the huge windows of the hotels and casinos reflected the sun’s hot rays across the ocean below. People came here from all over the world to escape their lives, to blow off steam and pretend their responsibilities were non-existent for a few days. Here, the normal stresses and pressures dissipated into nothingness.

Amsterdam’s Sinchi Collective continue their mission to support indigenous people across the world, whilst bringing together artists exploring the fringes of electronic music. Now in its fourth iteration, the ‘Altered States’ compilation features cuts from Pim Secle & Pelzensers, Dany E, LA Kena, Bulgakov, ILMO and Grand Riviera, spanning breakbeat, techno, synthwave, electro and punk-tinged sonics.

All profits will be donated to the Sinchi Foundation, which raises money for indigenous people.