Premiere: Grace Jones – Love You To Life (Live)


Wall of Sound are releasing a new label compilation ‘Walls Have Ears-21 Years Of Wall Of Sound’ to celebrate you've guessed it 21 years since the inception of the label.

The compilation features an array of artists from the heady days of the label and includes this gem from Grace Jones. The original was out on WOS and this session was recorded live from Jools Holland.

“Happy 21st Birthday and thank you Mark Jones for funding, pressing and distributing the first ever Basement Jaxx record EP1
(I visited him one lunchtime wearing a suit, after playing him a tape cassette of the material I asked 'Would anybody buy this?' ,'Yes' he said. 'Any chance you could press some records? we don't have any money', 'Yes' he said. Thank you Mark! Thanks for living and thinking outside the box!”
Felix / Basement Jaxx

Talking of Gravce and Wall of Sound – we totally forgot about this too…

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