Premiere: Gonima – Subdivided


Deep beneath the sea swam the vessel. They were well beyond enemy territory now, they were fishing in the waters of the villain and if they were to be caught then peril would soon follow. They knew they should not have travelled this far but the sea can do funny things to peaceful men. They were looking to engage, to interact, to breach the peace. Many aboard the submarine had been divided upon the plan of attack but they all agreed upon one thing: the regime must be broken and its wickedness halted. The murky waters offered them an opportunity which ceased to exist elsewhere. This was the time. 

Gonima is the first artist to appear on a new vinyl based record label titled Slam City Jams. Operating out of Munich the label has been founded by the duo more commonly known as Rhode & Brown who have most notably released on Toy Tonics. The release itself is deep and elegant. Listen to 'Subdivided' below:

The release is forthcoming HERE

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