Premiere: Golden Bug – Supernova


The galaxy lit up with a bang. A burst of energy roared through the black night's sky leaving with it a trail of unprecedented chaos. Meteor's fell from the stars above down to earth. The supernova had struck. The waves began to roar wildly and soon the plains would be engulfed by ferocious water. This may very well be the last hours for the chosen who few who had made it this far and the apocalypse was nigh. They ran fast, quickly heading towards ground base, it might be their final hope. Skyward they would fly. 

Golden Bug returns after what has been a hugely busy and successful year. His last outing of 2016 sees him return to Ivan Smagghe's record label Les Disques de la Mort as he explores the depths of space with a bang. Listen below: 

Buy the 'Progress' EP HERE

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