Premiere: Gofrilab – Lucky Floor


Despite only have a three year history, Mille Feuilles seems to be doing rather well for itself as a label. DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Jimmy Edgar, The Hacker and Dave Clarke are among those that've picked up one of their records and given it the love it deserves. They've just branched out with a cracking compilation stocked with aural excursions from home made artists as well as close collaborators and newcomers.

The result? A sonic adventure that'll test the abilities of analog instruments to their core and leave your ears gasping for more. More I say! Give this peach of a track from . You won't be able to resist;

Mille Feuilles – Stigmates #1 is out now via Mille Feuilles.

Artwork by Tudor Zamfirescu-Zega.