Premiere: GLOK – Dissident (Richard Sen Remix)


They were well organised and disciplined as they tactfully marched through the sprawling green fields. They looked out upon the land before them and surveyed the scene, this would do. As night began to fell they each set up their tents whilst one worked on building a small fire upon which they would cook. Out here in the middle of nowhere they were very much at ease, unwatched and free to be as they pleased. For they were the dissident ones, the lonely wanderers and the stray stragglers of the night.

Bytes is a Ransom Note affiliated label, an outlet for the experimental, the electronic and the exploratory. A series of musicians have been commissioned to remix “Dissident” – the sold out album from GLOK which has left listeners spellbound. 

Richard Sen is a Hackney hero of sorts, an acid and bleep pioneer, we could think of no better man up to the job. 

Listen below:

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