Premiere: Glenn Kelly – Parma


Here's a little blast from the recent past. Four years after the digital edition, WotNot are pressing one of their favourite ever releases to wax. Dancefloor Sweets Vol. 1 features tracks from artists like K15 and IMYRMIND who have gone on to become respected names, as well as a new cut from SexRulesEverything.

The closing track comes from Glenn Kelly (Jeeks), who has since retired from the circuit. This is something of a minor tragedy as 'Parma' is a glorious technicolour explosion, kind of like the stickiest, chewiest gumball imaginable. Bouncy and buoyant in all the best possible ways, with enough poolside energy to see you through the winter months.

With the brand new Dancefloor Sweets Vol. 2 coming out alongside the reissue on 28th Nov, and new material on the way in 2017, we're confident you'll be hearing a whole lot more from WotNot.

Dancefloor Sweets Vols. 1 & 2 are out 28th Nov on WotNot.

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