Premiere: Gladkazuka – Mucha Pimienta


The night had been thunderous and the pitch black canvas overhead was now smattered with grey. The clouds were so low they almost touched the tips of the imposing trees that surrounded. Amidst the dark a group of hooded figures appeared from the woods, their movements eerily synchronised. As they trudged along the gravel crunched underfoot creating a crisp chorus that cut through the deathly silence. Without warning, one cloaked figure broke away from the pack, veering back into the woodlands. Nobody made a move to follow, without breaking harmony they carried on their course back into the swathes of darkness.

Colombia's Gladkazuka is gearing up for a release on Leeon's Ediciones Danza Negra. Following two contributions on Comeme's Solidarity Forever compilations, this marks his first official vinyl release – his own take on loose, machine-driven electro.

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