Premiere: Giordano – Lisbon Bridge


The bridge was a spectacle, a huge red structure suspended above the glistening waters, a link between the north and south of the city. Every day, from dusk till dawn, trains and cars hurtled back and forth, like a trail of ants making their way home to their colonies. From each side there were multiple vantage points, offering views that took your breath away, and serving as a reminder why you moved to the city in the first place.

Last year Glasgow-based DJ and Acid Flash boss IDA launched her new label Sävy Records with a release from Ryan James Ford, which set a precedent for the sonics to come on the imprint. Focusing on UK breakbeat, techno and 90s-driven sounds, Sävy continue that lineage on release number two from Berlin-based Italian, Giordano. Across the four tracks on he explores a new sound that marks a departure from his previous output, instead playing with blistering breaks and emotive melodies that feel utterly timeless.