Premiere: Ginno Russo – Balance (Pépe’s Tip-Toed Out Of Stasis Mix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A forward thinking warped piece of electro from Pépe.

The water was rising and it was only so long now before the pool would overflow. Here he was, precariously balanced atop the diving board, watching on as the water engulfed everything down below. He wondered how long he might be able to stay here, in perfect balance as the deep blue engulfed the land on which he had once walked.

The waves had rolled in from the coast, the force of their power had been immense as they plunged, what had been his city, into an aquatic expanse in which new life would soon grow. Some had lost their homes, whilst others had been quick to reinvent themselves within the new marine environment. See, for they were not from planet earth and this was not their home. They were here to create an underwater kingdom…


Ginno Russo has been remixed in a futuristic, electro infused style reminiscent of Drexciyan leanings and Detroit. Pépe has done a stellar job – this one is forthcoming on Modern Obscure Music.

Listen below and buy HERE.