Premiere: GILA – Buffalo 2 Miami


A sliver of sunlight crept through the gap in the curtains, interrupting the darkness that encased the bedroom. She rolled over to face the wall, willing herself back to sleep before the alarm resounded and forced her out of bed. This morning was more difficult than most; her head felt heavy, a burden to lift off the pillow. She decided that today was a write off, as she cancelled her alarm and pulled the cover firmly over her head. 

Following dancefloor-focused EPs for the likes of XL Recordings, LuckyMe & Deviation, Denver-based producer GILA embarks on his debut long player for London-based imprint Lex Records. Energy Demonstration flaunts a more experimental approach, matching ambient textures with leftfield techno, heavy bass and tight drumwork, and further showcasing GILA’s knack for detailed sound design.