Premiere: Gary Martin – Moogy Mank (Motech Records)


When first confronted with the title of these new sounds from Gary Martin there was a unanimous reaction through the various corridors and chambers at R$N Towers – what in the world is a 'Moogy Mank'? Though not one of us was able to come up with a definitive answer all sorts of ideas were banded around.

The most commonly believed of which, though surely not true, is that it's the name of a synthesiser obsessed gentleman from the North-West of England who wanders the streets attempting to emulate the sounds of a Mini-Moog. Unfortunately, these antics have resulted in him scaring off several passer-bys and on multiple occasions he's found himself having to flee from the powers that be.

But that's just a load of old nonsense, right? Just be careful when you're in Manchester if you start hearing some eerily electronic sounds coming from a man in an overcoat. Anyway, here are some delightful sounds for you;

Escape From South Warren is out on 5th October via Motech.