Premiere: Garneau – CLM


As he peaks out from under the duvet, he notices shadows shift in unfamiliar ways. He immediately pulls the covers back over his face and whips his arm back in from it’s dangled position at the side of the bed. As the clock turns, each second is marked by a tick that fills the room with sound. The emptiness of the house is marked by creaks of settling floorboards and gurgling pipes, each made in inconsistent and unexpected ways. The air in his blanket sanctuary begins to feel heavy, dense from the sweated bullets, evaporated with panicked breath as the covers cling to his skin. He curls up and pulls tightly at the bed sheets. Just as he begins to feel safe, there’s three hard knocks on the door.

Delve into madness with a track by Canadian ghetto-house connoisseur Garneau. Part of a compilation by London-based label Shubzin, out on a pay-what-can basis. All profits are in aid of Youth Urban Arts Foundation, a charity that gives disadvantaged young people an opportunity to express themselves through music and art. Foot stomping bangers and a fantastic cause, what’s not to love? The track ‘CLM’ sees Garneau trying his hand at breakbeat techno, and is littered with gnarled kicks, earth-shattering bass and enough breaks to make even the most committed Junglist slow their roll.