Premiere: Gameboyz – Of The Wall (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)


He looked in the mirror, he barely recognised the pale pastiche of his glory days. Tired now, and paranoid from any attention, he waited on his Italian friend to come and visit him, locked in solace and marooned in his suite. When he called he was thrilled, when he came, all things changed. He was another man, the one his family wanted back, and slowly he wanted to slide backwards to the times when all was clearer.

Spanish trio Gameboyz have been naggingly insistent over the past few years, hard working hermanos plugging away and delivering fine EPs, remixes and parties. Ahead of their debut album they file a Sprechen outing, here with a tough but intriguing remix from Fabrizio Mammarella. Simple bouncing two-note bassline, spacey rewinds and hi-hats proud as owt, and a 'working it' acid signature that licks when you need it to.


Gameboyz – Of The Wall EP is released by Sprechen on 29th August 2016 and can be found HERE. Follow Gameboyz on Facebook HERE.

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