Premiere: Gaiden – Mel


Something had been said; something completely untrue. As soon as she entered the building that morning, all eyes were on her, well, daggers more like. Whispers had gathered steam, rumours had been embellished and exaggerated into white lies that were almost laughable. Surely nobody could believe she’d be capable of such things, could they? Though it’s alarming what people are willing to take as gospel truth…

Florence-based party crew and label Tropical Animals are adding to their catalogue with a new batch of tracks from their resident DJ, Gaiden. Marking his debut release, Escape from XEN sees him funnel his influences as a DJ into his productions, delivering a collection of immersive and deep sonics. The four tracks embody that vision in different ways — you’ll find dubby techno next to atmospheric house jams, drum workouts and a slow burner that would make Weatherall proud.