Premiere: Fuel Moon – Love Like Spaceship


The cracks were beginning to show; it was nigh on impossible to keep her face from telling the whole story. She’d had a good run, but she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she’d give it away, and all the lies and deceipt that had kept this at bay would soon unravel for the entire world to see. Would it have been worth it? A question she couldn’t quite answer, but she’d soon find out…

Munich-based platform Alternative Fakten are dedicated to putting the city’s underground music and arts scene on the map, be that through club nights, live shows, panel talks, art exhibitions, or releases — like the one we’ve got for you right here. Like their first label outing, the second is another compilation celebrating artists within the city, though this time, they highlight a wealth of contemporary electronic producers who are operating in the spaces between the city’s artworld, activist groups and club culture, including Fuel Moon, WLAN and label bosses Tom Zwotausend & Bartoszek.