Premiere: Frontinn – Relentless Effort


The midday sun scorched the tarmac and beamed down on the buildings that bordered either side of the wide street. The concrete and glass faces of each tower reflected and intensified the sunlight, forcing people to shelter from the heat in doorways and under awnings. A trader from one of the market stalls that lined the street wiped the sweat from his brow as he bartered with a customer, while a driver in a glimmering car tried to navigate their way through the immovable crowd. From one of the buildings, a girl watched from her window, completely safe from the unrelenting chaos that ensued below.

São Paulo based musician Frontinn is next up on ODDiscos, the label associated with ODD, a São Paulo collective that offers an alternative platform for expression. Marking the producer’s debut album, Underlying Problems, matches spacious production and atmospheric harmonies, evident on our pick ‘Relentless Effort’; a steadily paced EBM-influenced cut with woozy synth lines, subdued percussion and repetitive bass.