Premiere: Froid Dub – Frozen Dub Sandwich

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FroidDub _ Frozen chips Sandwich_ clip image

There hadn’t been a winter like this in decades; everything and everyone had ground to a complete halt. It was the kind of cold you could feel in your bones, the kind that took your breath away as soon as you stepped outside.

People daren’t leave their houses in fear of losing fingers and toes to frostbite, or worse still, freezing over completely. It left the streets and shops eerily empty, as though some strange spirit had swept through and claimed all that was living for themselves. The brainchild of producer and musician F.M., the Froid Dub project originally came to life during the first lockdown, but it wasn’t until it became a joint effort that it took its final form.


Enlisting the help of fellow musician Fa_Fane, with whom he also runs the DELODIO imprint, the pair set about marrying synthetic and organic textures; the results of which make up their new release ‘DUBS & BEATS…’. The EP riffs off their debut EP, ‘An Iceberg Cruising the Jamaican Coastline’, collecting eight new dub versions and bonus beats that take the original icy cuts and rhythmic collages into new realms.