Premiere: Franz Kirmann – Salem


Walking through the dead of night there was an overwhelming sense of tension which hung in the mysterious air. This was Salem and it was a place of great peril and anger – those who danced beneath the glow of streetlights were wicked and cruel whilst those that watched on from an Ivory tower had much to lose. There was evil in this town, the type that was hard to find. It was perfect for the rogues and vagabonds who would like to cause mischief and hazard beneath the cloak of darkness…

Franz Kirmann is set to release a new album on Ransom Note affiliated heterogeneous cassette label Bytes, an imprint which has been widely supported and well received since formation. Madrapour​ is Kirmann’s fourth album from the singular musician and producer who channels the atmospheric and the abstract.

Co-founder of Days of Being Wild, since his last long player outing he has mostly been involved in making soundtracks with his long-term music partner Tom Hodge, most notably for the BBC’s flagship drama ​McMafia​ and the indie documentary The Man Behind the Microphone.​

Franz describes the album as thus…

"My next album, entitled Madrapour, will be a cassette released by Ransom Note sub label Bytes. This is a return to my analog hardware roots after the very digital Elysian Park I released in 2016. One of my musical heroes Andrew Weatherall describes it as “achingly beautiful” and that means a lot to me! I hope you will agree with him!"

Listen below:

The single is available from the 6th of September and the album the 4th of October.
Order from our Bandcamp here or via all other digital platforms HERE