Premiere: Frank Butters – Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall Vocal Remix)


The memories ached within him, he had witnessed things no man should ever have to. Even though he had always stood in the periphery, his anonymity could not be used as alibi. As the time grew closer and the need for action more urgent, his conscience was finally pricked and he determined his plan. But was it too late to make things right? Could he really be the one to stop it?

It seems there is space for another anonymous artist in the world of Man Power. After a limited release on Too Many Squares last year, the mysterious (or alias) Frank Butters releases 'Cult Of Glamour' on Me Me Me. This cut gets the "swamp disco" treatment from Andrew Weatherall. Siren-styled lasers fire out from a solid live drum rhythm as arpeggiated and delayed synths bicker with each other. Breathy male vox just peek in, from round some corner in the mix, in the shade. It all falls in on itself, then recharges somewhere between the floor toms and cymbals, making it right and rather majestic. 

Frank Butters Presents Cult Of Glamour is released by Me Me Me on 15th May 2017 and can be found HERE. Follow him on Facebook.

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