Premiere: Formerlover – Correction Dub


The phone rang and rang, its high-pitched tone resounding loudly around the room. Each time he let it ring out, far too inhebriated and anxious to face the conversation on the other end. But he knew she'd only stop calling if he picked up, and the longer he left it the more out of his depth he felt. What if she wanted to talk about her inner feelings? Or her deepest, darkest desires? He would like to know her better and what did he have to lose really? He inhaled deeply, cleared his throat and lifted the receiver.

Sonic astronauts Viscera present a new Galactic Service Broadcast: "a musical initiative that aims to raise credits in support of some of the most vital humanitarian services and organisations." Bringing together a strong line up of friends and peers, the compilation features the likes of Jonny Rock, JD Twitch, Nightwave and Kincaid, calling on the close ties they've made with artists over the years through their enlightening blog and mix series.

Our pick of the bunch is opening track 'Correction Dub', a sleazy dub creation from Formerlover, the new project of Swedish singer and fashion stylist Sofia Hedblom and her partner, producer DJ and artist Justin Robertson. Blending elements of reggae and Lagos disco with the dark sonic underbelly of lo fi house, the track occupies the twilight region between a tropical sound system dance and an inner city basement, where nights turn into mornings and back again. ‘Correction dub’ is a playful take on a late night chat line conversation, where humiliation and desire go hand in hand.