Premiere: Fondation – Macumba


The tiny pluck of instrumentation could be heard faintly upon the breeze. The little park was a peaceful spot which sat atop the hill overlooking the town down below. Sat upon a bench within the rose garden he watched care free listening to the sound of the sweet macumba which echoed amidst the wind. He had quit his job, left his life behind and headed for a place in which he might find absolute serenity. Some had judged his actions to be selfish whilst others applauded his bravery, who knew what was right or wrong. 

Tunnel Vision is a newly launched imprint operating out of Lyon. The first release upcoming on the label is a reissue of a rare, forgotten cassette which first emerged in 1983. Am experimental assortment of eclectic ambient tracks recorded in France from a mysterious duo comprised of Annanka Raghel and Ivan Coaquette. Listen to "Macumba" below: 

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