Premiere: Flytipper – P.I.A.T.T


Five minutes on the stairwell watching thin blue smoke trail from the vents, waiting for the next call to come in. Deep ivy carpets sprawl over the ruined citadel in the distance, only it’s a different shade of green to the one you kept seeing in your dreams – it doesn’t glitter in the same way. The hallway light stings, coming on automatically and striking the wall panel beside you, it flickers over your body fabric in hypnotic diagonal lines that seem to warp and hum. You take this as an omen, your cue to leave.

Reel Long Overdub returns with the third instalment of the ‘Friends and Family’ series, featuring a plethora of rising stars from the label’s homegrown roster. Setting up shop on the outskirts of club music, the latest release from Brudenell Groove’s partner label combines slow-mo jams and ambient experiments, signposting the gradual march towards a world where feet can find dancefloors again.

Profits from the compilation will be donated to RLO’s fundraising campaign for Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, a charity that has done incredible work during the pandemic.