Premiere: Fibre Optixxx – Hibiscus


The heat of the sun vibrates in the air as light dances through the lime green canopy. She feels strangely invigorated by the heat haze, longing to be as kinetically charged as the elements. Birds circle majestically overhead. Pearls of water drip hypnotically from the tropical foliage. The motion of the forest is teeming, relentless. If you do not become part of it, you are transfixed by it. With the loud snap of a brand underfoot, she inhales and starts to run.

From Melbourne to Berlin, genre spanning label Potatoheadz release their first offering of 2020; a split EP from Fibre Optixxx and DJ Life. The artfully curated release consists of four eclectic tracks all based around the theme of biophilia — the concept that humans inherently seek a connection with nature. The inspiration proves vibrant, with each track delivering an infectious dance floor punch. The record’s second Fibre Optixxx track ‘Hibiscus’ reconstructs Kotton the Cutie classic ‘I Just Wanna’. Think Baltimore club vibes taken to supersonic electro heights.