Premiere: Fever Trails – Draw Me (Maxime Alexander Remix)


The way in which she sketched was hypnotic. As the pencil etched across the paper her eyes glanced quickly upwards towards a subject in the distance. It was as if the trees were inviting her to capture this moment in time. "Draw me" they bellowed in the breeze. The sun looked fondly down from the skies above casting a golden light on the scattered autumn leaves. The grass beneath the old birch lay littered with orange and red like a crusty sea. Her pencil caught it all, observational yet distant and removed. She let out a small sigh and carried on, it had been a long day and the light would soon die. Her drawing must wait. 

Fever Trails recently unveiled a new track titled "Draw Me" which was met with a warm critical reception. Maxime Alexander steps up to remix the work leading the sound in a forward thinking direction. Released on South African label Quit Safari, listen to the remix below:

The track can be grabbed HERE

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