Premiere: Felix Leifur – Eyelids


Sleep was but a dream for now. She lay upon the sheets wondering when her eyelids might fall hazily shut. It had been weeks since she had last been able to drift off in peace, her mind continued to race and play melodic tricks upon her every blink. The scenario had become repetitive and boring yet still it continued to plague her ever evening. She had always pondered the nature of life as an insomniac but had never imagined she might find herself in such a position. Whilst the world lay still, she was wide awake . 

Dirt Crew Recordings are set to release a new EP from Icelandic up and comer Felix Leifur. Based in Reykjavik he is an artist who continues to place emphasis upon the value in community and locality, there are a steady stream of musicians emerging from the area. Listen to "Eyelids" below:

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