Premiere: Faune – Untitled Vii (Soundscape Versions)


What's in a name? Surely the moniker by which you go about your daily business has no real bearing on the way you go about your tasks and the way that people treat you, right? But people still have that annoying habit of saying 'you look like a Keith', or any other name. There's no reason that that statement should EVER be said as it's clearly a load of nonsense by people who like to make up fantasies in their own heads.

But we digress, there's good music to be had and it comes from a cracking release from Soundscape Versions. They've roped in a few artists for their next outing and the one we're most excited about is Faune. Listen on as 'Untitled VII' tickles your ear drums just as well as it would do if it went by other name – the release is only available in a 600 edition run on vinyl so you best act sharpish;

sver01 is out on 29th October via Soundscape Versions.