Premiere: Falter – Null


His phone had been ringing off the hook all morning but he’d chosen to brazenly ignore it. On the approach to his house he noticed clothes strewn across the street and a huge pile of cardboard boxes clumsily chucked outside the door. Either side of the road his neighbours looked on bewildered, a couple trying to hide their laughter at his public humiliation. He looked down at his phone and the 100 missed calls, wondering if it was too late to call back…

South London label PROGRAMM are starting life with a three-track V/A, which gives a taste of what you can expect from their releases to come. With a mission to deliver soundsystem frequencies that will make you dance, the label and party will also act as a platform for emerging producers and DJs pushing UK bass music. PROGRAMM001 calls on the skills of three up-and-coming artists, D3u5E (who’s lined up for a future release on the label), label co-founder ZhaR and our pick from South America via London’s Falter.