Premiere: Fairmont – Onyx (Samuel Berdah Remix)


Clawing out from the painstaking work, shattered nails and calloused fingertips, glimpsing swiftly in this glaring sunshine. The tremulous heat rose higher as the sun god took throne herself in this daily shadowplay. Precious labour for those dissenting captives – a vanishing point of sanctitude. The dream of smuggling such fine nature away, from those who's mentored mirage was just a play to steal the gems away. As Ra herself was eclipsed by the monument, it was safe to rush away from all. The hieroglyphics were on the wall. The gameplay was perfect.

A cut from the new Days Of Being Wild release sees Monsieur Berdah stutter up Fairmont's odyssey. Adding to the echoing Egyptian mysticism, arps protracted from the tombs, the release has two original cuts and a further remix by Heretic. 

Fairmont – Obsidian/ Onyx EP is released 7th March 2016 on Days Of Being Wild and available HERE.