Premiere: Ethyène- Cherish The Day


The sun began to set, bathing the field in a warm orange glow. The swallows darted about the sky, weaving their silhouettes against the tapestry of the sky, chattering excitedly. The couple sat in the tall grass, their fingers interlaced, taking deep breaths in, drinking in the serenity of dusk. They lay there in the grass, watching the sky fade to pink and then to a deep, velvety black as stars came out and twinkled overhead. If heaven had a feeling, surely this would be it.

Moonrise Hill Material present a new EP from Ethyène- Essence Of Adolescence. It's with great pleasure that we bring you a premiere of 'Cherish The Day', a 5-minute track of beauty and wonderment, perfect for soundtracking summer sunsets.

Listen below:

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