Premiere: Ess O Ess – Cantillate


"Good morning class".

"GOOOD MORRNNING MR. LEEDAM", the class noisily chorus back to the headmaster.

"Unfortunately, Mrs. Nelson won't be taking music today as her cat Pickles has had to go to the vets, with his infected paw. Today's lesson will be held by our supply teacher Mr. Reich. I'm sure you'll all give him a warm Weston Point welcome".

"Right class, please get into pairs and choose an instrument from the music chest and then separate into groups in each corner", he commands as he points to the four extremes of the assembly hall. 

Inseparable as usual, Chris & Jamie charge to the wooden box and rifle through the wooden and metal treasures. Triangles, castanets, cowbell and cabasa are discarded and they grab the guiro, leaving the other kids to get sweaty seconds.

Once in their parties, the teacher commands quiet while he explains and writes on the blackboard "S-Y-N-C-O-P-A-T-I-O-N". Going around the room, the kids are given the nod and the eager pupils, clang and shake, holding fire until Sir waves a firm hand. Circling the sounds, the rhythms repeat as the triangles ting and coconuts are clopped. Chris & Jamie take turns to scratch & ratchet while Mr. Reich claps steadily, as The Head peers in curiously through the hallway and ponders poor Pickles' predicament…

Ess O Ess – Cantillate is out on 25th January on Not An Animal Records. Follow them HERE.