Premiere: Eros – Go For It!


The sun was setting over the dusty desert, the dunes stood tall and braced themselves for the sandstorm which would follow overnight. Stars began to appear one by one in the dense black sky, they flickered and flashed above the planet with a watchful calm, removed from the rogue actions of the human race and it's destruction. It was time to leave this old abandoned planet, it had once served us well but now it was time to go. Into the big, great beyond they would vanish and disappear as if they'd never even belonged. 

Mixed Signals is a new record label designed to showcase the abstract fringes of "dance" music and it's associations. "Go For It" is a fun filled, punk ready disco cut which blurs the lines between genres and doesn't really follow the rules. The label describe it to be as much Walter Gibbons as it is Mad Professor. 

Listen below: