Premiere: Enzo Avitabile – Devozioni Dialettali (Bawrut Remix)


Deep within the hills of Italy lay a great temple. It's golden ceiling glimmered from above as it poked its head through the mystical treetops. Inside the temple lay paintings showcasing decades of history and art. It lay undiscovered and unfound, it had sat peacefully tucked away from the world since the war had broken out. One day it would be turned into a pristine tourist attraction and all of the history would be replaced by the marching pitter patter of feet on marble. However, for now it remained still and eerie. 

Enzo Avitabile is remixed by Ransom Note's very own brother from another lover Bawrut on a new EP for Silencio. He delivers a tropically inspired acid workout complete with percussion and a low end rumble. Listen below:

You can grab it as a Free Download HERE

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