Premiere: emkay – Housche (Sansibar Tekkimix)


The clouds began to roll in from out in the bay, the city darkened as their deep, dense grey shrouded the tall buildings and skyscrapers in a thick fog. This was the rainy season and it was time to return indoors. Long gone were the days of radiant blue sunshine and glorious heat. Some had said that this winter might be particularly cruel, it was time to retreat back to the house. 

Post Sonics is a newly formed record label to emerge from Helsinki, it has been formed by the crew behind the acclaimed club Post Bar. Like many other venues the club has struggled in the wake of the pandemic and so the label was born with the desire to inspire creativity and keep things focussed during the ongoing crisis. This is now the first record which they have put out on vinyl – a pacey affair destined to delight in the club. 

Listen to a remix of emkay’s track ‘Housche’ by Sansibar.