Premiere: ELLLL – Febreeze


The scent hung delicately in the summer air as the birds chirped with a polite chorus amidst the trees. The television flickered and flashed inside the living room as the great outdoors was in bloom. His eyes were fixed, focussed and locked upon a beautiful image which showed a galaxy full of life far, far away. He cared not for the glory of nature upon planet earth and all that lay beyond his window, for he might be a wanderer amongst the stars. His life was but a breeze in a tiny capsule, a television kid of the next generation. 

Has anybody told you that breaks are back in fashion yet? They have? Ah, well. We are here to tell you again! First Second Label, an imprint operating out of Dublin are preparing to release a quite brilliant EP by ELLLL, a rave inspired utopian jam with a rough undercurrent. Listen below: