Premiere: Elliott Thomas – Awim


If you could send an animal out into space, which animal would you choose? Rather than going with the tried and tested method of sending out dogs, monkeys and lizards, we reckon it would be a right bit of fun to travel out into the ether with a horse as your companion. Once all the kicking, screaming and whinnying stops, the two of you could have a lot of fun together and, who knows, you might just be the first person to ride a horse on the moon.

Make sure that it doesn't gallop though – we're not entirely sure how the gravity on the moon works but you don't want to be stranded in deep space with your horsey companion. Anyway, enough of that, we've got an ace new track from Elliott Thomas that's flown in all the way across the pond to be here with us today. We've also just been informed that 'AWIM' stands for 'Alan Watts Is The Man' – whch is nice. Get this in your ears and give it the love it truly deserves;

AWIM is out on 5th October via Voyeurhythm Records.