Premiere: Eliott Litrowski – Blind Pilot


It had been several hours since the plane left the ground, bound for a far flung destination that was yet to be decided. Every passenger who embarked this plane left the location up to chance, in the hope of discovering something new, somewhere untouched and unspoilt by human hands. Nobody came home disappointed, and some didn’t come home at all.

Following releases for Moustache, Bordello a Parigi and Permanent Vacation, French producer Eliott Litrowski makes his way to Utrecht-based imprint SoHaSo’s offshoot OOSHA. Across the three original tracks on his ‘Long Story Short’ EP, he ties together his love of Dutch electro, French techno and Italo Disco, backed up by a heavy electro remix on the flip from a pioneer of the sound, DMX Krew.