Premiere: Elijah Simmons – Close To You (Si Tew Instrumental)


In the backroom the smoke and mirrors flickered beneath the glow of strobe lights. As I stand close to you i look out upon the people as the bodies contort amongst the darkness. By the bar there is a solitary dancer, she watches out in much the same way. Confusion, bewilderment and wonder is all to be seen, all on display and the last left. Emotions were running high amongst the crowd of wanderers who danced into the little hours of the morning. 

Inside Out Records are set to release a care package of remixes in the coming weeks. Elijah Simmons' "Delphi" has been remixed by a number of producers including Naduve, Si Tew, Alex Zed & Stevie R and Max Belobrov. It is the Si Tew remix of "Close To You" that we premiere exclusively. Listen below: 

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