Premiere: Eliezer – White Snow


A small wooden house sat perched on the top of the hill, its straw covered roof dripping with morning dew. It was the only shelter the travellers had come across for miles, so they were left with no other option but to investigate what lay inside. The smell of pine filled their nostrils as they clambered up the slope, making fresh prints in the crisp white snow underfoot. As they neared the entrance, another scent greeted them. They couldn't quite place it but it instilled a sense of unease in them. Raising a clenched fist, they took a deep breath and knocked loudly on the door. 

Marseille-based club, bar and label La Dame Noir's next release comes courtesy of one of Tel Aviv's most promising producers, Eliezer. His Jericho EP journeys through chugging cold wave grooves opening with a moody collaboration with New York producer Curses, plus three reworks of the originals from Middle Sky Boom, Niv Ast and Uriah.